Family history photos

stonehenge  ANATEXIS

Barbara Hiles as a girl

Rev J.D. Martin 1804-1890 and family



Barbara  1915


Lilian Kate Martin with Archer

Georgina, Nick, Faith & Hope Bagenal  

Lilian Kate Martin

Nick Bagenal

Anna Martin (né Roseanna Porter)

Henry Hiles with Judith and Mike Bagenal

William Archer Porter Martin

Nick Bagenal 11 Batt Suffolk Reg25 Dec 1914

Mary Ann Archer Porter

Nick ,Barbara, Judith, Henry &Catherine Hiles & C Vanessa Martin

Madge, Nora & Hensie

Nick Bagenal and Bertie Brett regimental photo


NB is Nick Babgenal . BB is Bertie Brett - First World war Regiment picture

probably Northern Irish family cousins

Judith Bagenal age 20ish

Judith Bagenal aged about 20 years.


Nora Martin

Nora Martin in her early 20s

Beatrice and Albert Cresswell

Beatrice and Albert Cresswell

Winnie her parents and Alice Lovick

Beatrice Cresswell, Alice Lovick behind Albert Cresswell and Winnie Lovick sitting in front